Friday, August 15, 2014

inspiration elevator-procrastination

Hi Everyone! Today I am honored to be Guest Designing once again with Inspiration Elevator!

Our main purpose here at IE is to challenge ourselves, each other and YOU to take the creative process to the next level;  to inspire growth and change in our scrapbooking beyond the mundane.
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This month's challenge is issued by the amazing Jayne Morgan. Jayne mixes classic styling with fun and funky embellishments and artistic mixed media touches. Here is her challenge for us, in her own words:
Time(d) to Change
It's no secret amongst my crafty friends that my biggest hang up when scrapbooking is procrastination. Being a perfectionist can certainly benefit the end result, but quite often, we worry so much about the outcome that we forget to enjoy the process! On a couple of occasions when I've had to complete a tight deadline for DT calls or assignments, I've been forced to throw caution aside and complete a page within an hour. This for me in itself is a miracle, but the most surprising part was that I not only thoroughly enjoyed the carefree process, but the end results have been some of my most favourite pages. Here's lies the inspiration for this months challenge - I'd like you to gather your photo's, papers and a collection of supplies you think you may need, hibernate to your creative space and take 30 minutes to create whatever you like.........not a minute more! Contrary to what you may think, the pressure is off here. Chances are the final result will not be your best ever project as the time constraint is a little extreme (!), but it's a well known saying that creativity flourishes when we are willing to take risks! Enjoy the process.

So here is what I created in my 30 minutes:

I guess since I ran out of time before I managed to include my picture and other embellishments, this could be considered an epic FAIL!   However, I learned some things about myself and why it takes me so long to create my pages, so in that sense I still consider this a win.  One thing I discovered is that I'm a SLOB!!!  
Ok, actually I already knew that, but I was able to pinpoint where my time goes.  For instance, I spend a lot of time finding the right tools.  If I knew where my putty knife and paintbrushes were  I could have easily had about 5-10 extra minutes to add to this layout, but unfortunately, they were covered under layers of papers and embellies.   The other problem I noticed is that I overthink things. This isn't a new discovery but I was reminded of how annoying it is with this project.  

Let's face it, in scrapbooking...or art in general, the things we do really don't have to make any sense.  In fact, some of the best projects I've seen are when the artists include things that just don't really fit with a project or theme, but they use it anyway.  It adds so much interest and sets it a part from other works of art.  I did like how it was all coming together but it is driving me nuts knowing that its not finished with the pic and more embellishments. lol

Maybe I will challenge myself to another 30 minute limit!

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Meantime, if you've wanted to participate as a guest designer with Inspiration Elevator, just contact team lead, Ann at ann jobes at bell dot net 
Now it's your turn to get creating, and share what you can make in 30 minutes on your blog link at the IE blog. We would love to see what you were inspired to make! 

Thank you for stopping by!


Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

I think this turned out AMAZING! I am loving the colors!!!!!

Jayne said...

Definitely not an epic fail....more a work of art! It's gorgeous Misty, photo or not. I think being a slob goes with the territiry of creating. The only reason I finished my page was because I forced myself to find everything before hand. I'm so glad you joined the challenge this month and shared your creativity.

Lisa Spiegel said...

Oh my gosh, not a fail at's just gorgeous and when you get the picture on, stunning!!

Christa said...

Holy Canolis! It's stunning! I love the colour blending and flowing into it's perfect balance. I love it.

wendipooh13 said...

this is not a fail, it's stunning!! LOVE the colors and texture!!!

LisaM said...

Wow! It's not a fail at all! It's gorgeous!

TangledBlueRose said...

This is gorgeous! I really like the 30 minute challenge, will have to give it a go! Love your blog, found it from a post by Marjie Kemper, so glad I hopped over!
Have a fun day!~kim

Ellie Knol said...

SO LOVELY!!!! I added your blog in a post on my blog....a post about the blogs I became follower of lately... glad I found yours!
This is the link :

joyful said...

Really like the colours and composition and even more, you have given me lots of food for thought. I am learning how to let go and found in particular your comment about something not going with the theme or not making sense. You have enabled me to actually consider that it's okay to,do something that doesnt fit or make sense. YAY, Thank you.