Monday, July 7, 2014

Challenged by Riikka...

Today I have a special post to share.  
I was asked a couple of weeks ago by the super talented Riikka to take part in a blog hop of sorts.  The idea behind this blog hop is to answer some questions and then challenge some other creative types to answer those same questions and keep the theme going.   I was so honored to be asked, so a BIG thank you Riikka!

Lets get started...

1) What am I working on?

I've been working on my first art journal spread.  I tend to alter journals all the time but never actually create in them.  I decided it's definitely over-do.  Unlike my super hero friend Riikka, I don't work ahead too much.  Mainly because my assignments and/or product usually come on a monthly basis.  I'm such a procrastinator though, that it wouldn't really matter if I did get them sooner! lol
Something I'm working on as well.... ;)

2) How does my work differ from others of its genre?

This is a hard question to answer...   I'm not sure that my work is different for any apparent reason?  As mixed media artists we all use a lot of the same techniques, but most of the time we have our own style when doing it.   I have been told that my style is usually recognizable in a gallery, but I honestly don't know why?  lol   

You can check out some of the techniques I use on my Youtube channel though if you are interested. :)  
This is one of my first video's and has been the most popular so far...
Very humbling to have so many people interested in it.


3) Why do I create what I do?

I know most people scrapbook for the sake of keeping memories and I do some memory keeping (I need to do more), but my main reason for creating is because it's therapeutic!
There is just something about the entire process of painting onto a page and getting a little messy...watching mists drip down the paper...or even watching paint bubble under the hot pressure of a heat gun.  I love the process, even if I don't love the end result every time. :)

4) How does your creative process work?

It is never the same.  Sometimes I'm inspired by a picture, sometimes the product, or sometimes I just create a bunch of different backgrounds at a time and just decide what will happen afterwards.  I feel most comfortable lately with just creating and not really knowing where it will end up.  A project can go through many stages while creating and it can go from awesome to horrible really quick!  The cool thing about mixed media is that we can always turn it around again by adding more layers.  Its never truly a loss...  
The only problem with this way of creating is that sometimes it can be time consuming getting a project to be the way you really want it to.  I am not a fast or productive scrapper at all, although sometimes I do surprise myself.  :)

I can say though, that most always I start with a stencil,  gesso. and modeling paste in hand.

(some blasts from the past below...)

So there you have it!  If there is anything else you are curious about don't hesitate to ask. 

Now to pass this challenge along to a creative master...

Adrienne is amazing and has a style all her own.  Her pages are usually so dramatic and whimsical and I'm usually drooling over each and every one of them.  I so wish I could get into her head at times just to see how she comes up with the designs she does!  

For now though, I will just challenge her to these questions.  

Can't to read all about it next monday Adrienne! ;)

Thanks for stopping by everyone! 


Cindy Gay said...

Awesome work Misty.

Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

Loved reading more about your process!!!!!

Caroline said...

Hey Misty... How wonderful to read & find out more about you!! Saying that, I have stalked.. Ermm.. I mean "followed" you for a while now & never tire of seeing yr work/creations. I remember that video so well (think I watched it 3+ times) & it was a huge inspiration to me for so many reasons, on so many levels.
I also remember what you refer to as 'blasts from past' & if memory serves me right (a rarity), it was at that I saw them & drooled...
You are so modest & down to earth. Really approachable & generous too. Reading your answers here adds to my admiration & inspiration... Oh wait, is that possible?? Lol
Look forward to seeing yr finished AJ pages & as ever I always await yr next brilliant video!
Take care & Tfs! C :))))))

Jeanne Kelly said...

You have a very unique style and I like it!! My favorite project is picturesque - wow! So regal is the design.

Maremi's Small Art said...

Looooooved to read it :) so many interesting infos about you. Love your work and you know it xxx

Miae said...

Misty, do you remember when we "met" on That was such a forever long time ago it seems! I love to see how your work has evolved and it's so interesting to read about your thought processes! You have this uber cool, grungy, mixed media style, very unique! Cheers and TFS!

Kate said...

More fabulous creations! I can always count on getting inspiration when I visit your blog!